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Training Products to Reduce Variations in Your Test Results

Fertility Solutions has extensive and diverse clinical trial experience with successful strategies to avoid common pitfalls with semen analysis in multisite pharmaceutical and toxicology studies. We serve clients in every state and several countries. Our state of the art, modern methods and commitment to rigorous quality control ensures consistent results throughout the study's duration, leading to reliable data for validation of drugs, treatments, and devices. Our training products reduce variations in test results among multisite laboratories and improve confidence levels in study outcomes.
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Toxicology Studies

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Training Products for Your Toxicology Labs

Our Reference Laboratory has extensive experience with toxicology studies involving semen analysis. Our commitment to rigorous quality control ensures consistent results through the duration of the study, leading to reliable data that can validate drugs, devices and exposures. Our training products and expertise reduce variation among multi-site laboratories and improves the confidence in study results.
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Our Toxicology Portfolio

  • Technologist training, competency assessment, and proficiency testing for semen analysis laboratories in multi-center pharmaceutical trials
  • Effects of solvents on sperm for litigation in Louisiana and California
  • Planning, laboratory field oversight, and semen testing for litigation of pesticide exposure of 1500 men in Ivory Coast
  • Sperm morphology assessment for various toxicant studies conducted by National Institute of Occupational Safely and Health (NIOSH) and National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety (NIEHS)
  • Development and testing of a semen shipping container for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Evaluation of spermicidal activity of potential topical contraceptives

Reference Lab

Reliable & Reproducible Testing

Clinical Semen Analysis

At Fertility Solutions, our independent CLIA-certified reference laboratory in Cleveland specializes solely in semen analysis. The lab is supervised by a board-certified laboratory andrologist, Dr. Susan A. Rothmann, Ph.D. HCLD. As the only manufacturer of human sperm-based semen analysis quality control and the leading trainer in the country for semen analysis, our expertise in clinical semen analysis provides the diagnostic testing needed for male fertility investigation and post-vasectomy follow-up. Our commitment to rigorous quality control ensures consistent results to our patients using practices that are reliable.

All analysis is by appointment only.
Signed requisition from ordering physician required for all analyses.
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Our Complete Semen Analysis includes:

  • Characteristics, volume, consistency
  • Sperm Concentration and Total Sperm Count
  • Sperm Motility
  • Sperm Progressive Motility
  • Sperm Morphology using Strict classification with differential
  • Sperm Morphology using Strict classification with differential
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